We are going to have a massive planting.

What: Come plant your own tree in Haiti and network once you’ve purchase it via our online store. Where: Parc La Visite, Haiti

When: August 6th-12th, 2017 from dawn till dusk. We will have 3 days of actual planting and the surround dates will be mobilization, networking, preparation, and clean-up.

Volunteer, Partner, Donate: If you seek to partner, volunteer, or dontate-in-kind please contact us to organize and secure your role:


Packages: Friends of Haiti are in the process of negotiating travel packages with partners and volunteers from airlines to entertainers.

Parc La Viste Haiti, 2017


Packages will include:

Room and board in camp format (meals included)


Tools for working the earth, transporting water and seed

Airline tickets

Check back soon for more information.

Transportation on the ground

We will provide bussing and logistics from the airport, to the camps, to the site and back.

Entertainment in the form of arts and crafts, music, and other cultural comforts

Vendors, artists, event companies we need you! Come partner of volunteer to help realize this once-in-a-lifetime event! Use your brand to plant a lasting legacy for generations to come. Email us at

Networking opportunities

Everyone who is Anyone should be here in 2017. We mean that literally and challenge you to challenge yourselves.

Our Impact



cherry blossom ballooning at upper frankonia bavaria germany

Welcome all friends of Haiti 2010 to our new website.

We have an amazing set of projects ahead of us with a serious effort to re-forrest our homeland at the forefront. Won’t you join us in our just cause to plant One Million Trees in Haiti.

Sincerely and with love,

Friends of Haiti 2010